Global Future Network and SDN Technology Conference 2015 (Second) was grandly held in Beijing from May 18 to 19. This event was co-hosted by ONF (Open Networking Foundation),  Linux Foundation, ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), and China SDN Commission, and was organized by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and BII (Beijing Internet Institute), and focused on future network infrastructure technologies and latest technologies of SDN and NFV.

Conference site of Global SDN Technology Conference 2015

Over the past two years, the Internet world has experienced several global security events, and Internet infrastructure technologies have been attached great importance, and then network architecture, transmission rate, network performance and technological innovation of future network have attracted numerous eyeballs. Meanwhile, as the whole ICT industry turns to "software defined" , some "Novae" are arising from the network world.

While all the standards of future network infrastructure technologies are becoming mature and software defined products are being put into practice gradually in 2015, how are future network technologies developing? This event was embracing 800+ delegates from the industry, including 300+ from network vendors, 200+ from carriers, 120+ from institutes, 60+ from Internet companies, 60+ from chip manufacturers, 30+ from IDC companies, 30+ from testing equipment vendors, who were joining discussions on updates of future network technologies, development and innovation of global SDN, evolution and challenge of NFV technology, application of technology and so on. Sessions in parallel included Future Network Workshop, Academicians Forum, SDNFV ShowCase, SDN training, academic forum on SDN technology and best papers nationwide, Demo show, recruitment site, etc, of them the Future Network Workshop would focus on prospect and disadvantages of Internet architecture nowadays, evolution of future Internet architecture, and security issues of future Internet. The whole event  boosted the development of SDN industry from all technical aspects!

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