"Internet +" has became to the national strategy and top-level design from an industry hot word nowadays. Meanwhile Big Data starts its highlight commercial value. They have already changed the pattern of ICT market. The effect of Internet on the penetration in all areas and the value mining of massive data has changed the way of the information for its transferring and processing. This not only brings new opportunities for ICT infrastructure and optical communications industry, but also pushes forward higher requirements. As an optical communication equipment design and manufacturing company, Wuhan YINGKE Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ("YINGKE", for short) is striving to become the "Internet +" and Big data applications enabler, based on its own system construction ability, long-term investment in innovation and development, and the grasp of market trends, to contribute the development of ICT in New Era.
       Today, the wave of Internet is having a profound impact on every field and industry. As a new business model, the Internet has caused impact and challenges to traditional business models, but it also has brought new service manners. Meanwhile, the rapid development of Internet, has made the growth rate of network traffic increasing exponentially, stimulated the development and innovation of entire ICT infrastructure, and opened up new market space. Big Data, as one of the emerging industry representatives, is also the concern focus of YINGKE. IDC data shows the CAGR growth of world's big data technologies and services market will be 31.7%. The total size will be expected to be $ 23.8 billion in 2016, and its growth rate is seven times as much as ICT. And with the time passes by, technology and cost is no longer a bottleneck for its rise. In our country, the commercial scene and market of Big Data is becoming a dominant trend - the business transformation based on Big Data will create one hundred billion market.
        The Government spares no effort to support "Internet +" and Big Data, which deeply promotes the growth of relevant markets. "Government Work Report" proposed the government would develop "Internet +" action during the two sessions this year,  and brings into this industry hot word into our national economy top-level design for the first time . On July 4th, the State Council issued "Guidance in Action: actively promoting the Internet +" and proposed 11 concrete actions, aimed to create Internet+ to be a new economic growing point.
       Optical communication is one of the most important basic facilities in current information society and broadband economy, and it is showing unprecedented importance in the "Internet +" and Big Data era. Optical communication has become the best weapon to solve the problems of "big pipe" and "super high speed" in the Big Data era. With the development of "Internet +" and Big Data in China, the entire optical communication market will also grow rapidly.
        YINGKE as a leading communication equipments manufacturer, a comprehensive communication solutions provider, can provide full optical communication products, solutions, and services in the Internet+ and Big Data area, from chips, components, modules, devices to sub-systems. This vertical integration advantage, makes YINGKE can supply one-stop service to a variety of scenarios. At the same time, it also reduces the total cost of ownership in a certain range. YINGKE will use its own advantages to provide a full range of service and technical support for the take-off of "Internet +" and Big Data, and becomes the enabler of this new era.

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